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Tuscan Summer Skies

I know it's only early May, but here in Tuscany on the border of Umbria, it's 27C and pool weather. Our family is staying here for two weeks, although the first week was rather chilly and rainy. Now we are enjoying hot sunny days and bright starry skies. The full moon rising over the hills nearby last night was especially beautiful, along with bright shiny Venus, pictured hereOur SoulCollage(R) facilitator colleagues will be in Tuscany for the Summer Solstice, end of June, but we had already made plans to come in early May. My granddaughter Sofia (2) is with us, and providing lots of joy and delightful discoveries.

Just a short note to say Ciao! and let you know our SoulCollage(R) Facilitator training with Kellie McComb and I, is filling up. There are three spots left as of today, but I think one more is joining us this week. That leaves two spots left for the in person 4-day Arnprior training August 9-13 in Ontario.

Enjoy the tulips or the spring flowers, and hopefully summer in North America is coming soon too.

Ciao Bella's!


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