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The Tao of Turning 50

On the journey through mid-life, it is not always clear what lies ahead. There are thick forests and twisty windy paths through deep woods. This book points to some of the burning questions, and helps you find your own answers through journal prompts. The key thing is to listen deeply to what your body and heart are telling you. Journaling leads us back to a simple place where we learn to be with what is, with who we are in the moment. Maybe all we ever need to know is this: I am enough.

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Collected Poems 2019

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Eve hears about her birth


Perhaps you have no memory

of how you got here:

you arrived steaming from this wet place

stretched her skin, skull screeched through

muscle; blood streamed with water,

salty, precious; nine months long

fed through the cord of life, you breathed water,

turned somersaults in brine.

Tiny seahorse swinging by one leg,

you forgot whatever came before.


Now you have been cut

away from her body,

you must re-enter

through your own.


Surface, into bright sun,

parrot’s screech,

water steams off broad jungle leaves,

morning in Eden.

-  Jennifer Boire

Guided Visualizations

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