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May burgeoning, new Moon and Transitions

Reinvention is on my mind, once again!

After two and half years promoting and leading online French facilitator trainings, I have passed the baton on to a new Quebecois trainer, and am making room for new in-person projects. Exciting to conceive of actually getting together live.

The construction of our retirement home, with music studio and retreat center, after many, many setbacks and slowdowns due to Covid and supply issues, is coming closer to fruition. Sometime this summer we hope to be able to have it ready.

I feel it will be a place to be closer to nature, raise our own food (and some chickens eventually) and also welcome the seasons, with their equinoxes and solstices, in ceremony and day-long retreats.

It has led me to re-envision what I want to offer there, and what my own personal values are.

I feel ready for slowing down and appreciating life in this year of my husband retiring. I also want to share my love of SoulCollage® and Journaling as a creative way of intuitive play using Images and Imagination.

The benefits of SoulCollage® are in its element of surprise and synchronicity, provoking transformation and self-knowing, giving me new ways of seeing what is usually hidden in plain sight, underneath the everyday roles I play. This creative process helps me embrace the deeper levels of the psyche that are also part of me. My Sovereign Queen, my playful artistic child, my dreamer, and my gypsy side.

My goal with Cozy Creek is to provide a meeting place of sanctuary in which to explore together, and find self-nourishment in community.

I believe one of the greatest gifts we give each other is to feel seen and heard, and the most healing way to do this is in the company of creative souls. We experience a sincere, listening presence in a brave place of no-judgment, where we can share our stories and open our Voice, unfolding the authentic self in all its parts, and gathering wholeness.

If this is of interest to you, stay tuned as I prepare some beautiful soulful offerings for this fall. If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, now’s the time.

If you are interested in the facilitator training with SoulCollage®, I will let you know my dates very soon, (this fall) once my website has all the information translated into English.

Have a wonderful month of May, a sweet Mother’s Day, and watch for those first leaves to unfurl!

Something is about to happen….



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