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January News from Jennifer

Happy New Year my creative friends! Bonjour les amis, et bonne année créative !

If, like me, you have experienced a very busy holiday season, you are probably still resting and recovering. I know I am off to a slow start this year and being very careful to take naps and rest up when needed. A few years back I read a newsletter from a singing coach who suggested we all start the new year in February! While that’s a brilliant idea, I’m going to send this brief note to remind you of what’s coming up with SoulCollage® at Cozy Creek in St. Lazare. (Vous savez que le plupart de mes ateliers sont offerts en anglais, mais vous êtes le bienvenu si vous voulez m’adresser en français.)

Come create SoulCollage® cards in community!

At our last introductory event, we promised to offer a drop in Card Making day once a month. Shelley and I have come up with a schedule for January to May, on the 3rd Sunday of each month (in January we start on the 22nd because there are five Sundays).

Jan 22, Feb 19, March 19, April 16, and May 21 (I am away May 14).

The Drop-In Open Studio is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of how to make SoulCollage® cards. It’s free play time in the afternoons, from 1-4 pm, to let your creative intuition blossom while cutting and pasting images on cards, then speaking from them with the I Am One Who dialogue. Once we have a regular group going, we can add group Card Readings or Consultations on a schedule that suits everyone.

Either Shelley Hall or myself will facilitate and answer any questions you may have.

We are keeping the cost low: $15 a session for 3 hours, or if you sign up for 4 or more, you pay $10 a session or $50. Payment and registration will be up on my website in the next week.

June is a bonus month we may add, once I know my holiday plans (we leave for the Gaspé in the last week of June usually).

If this is something that interests you, drop me a note by email 😊

Facilitator Training in August

The other big news is that registration is now open on my website for the in-person SoulCollage® Facilitator Training – a four-day deep dive into SoulCollage® open to those who have fulfilled the prerequisites, in Arnprior, Ontario, (west of Ottawa). The training will be in English. Si cela vous intéresse mais en français, veuillez visiter le site de Christine Larose, formatrice de facilitateur.trice en français.

The first requirement is to take the full introductory workshop which covers all the bases and is a minimum of 6-8 hours. See my website for more details on the Training:

Stay Tuned for a workshop coming soon on Exploring & Identifying the Suits in your SoulCollage® Deck (especially if you can’t tell which ones are Council suits or archetypes, and which ones are your Inner Committee parts).

I hope to see you on January 22, 2023!

Ps for the Drop In Open Studio, creating cards: bring your own blank cards, or purchase from me. Images, glue and scissors will be provided. Or bring a magazine or two if you like.

Soulfully yours,


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