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Gratitude for cycles

Today, I saw a tiny black and white bird dive into a birdhouse I just put up on top of our fence post. I think it's a chickadee, but not sure. A great blue heron swooped down onto our rock wall by the water, and somehow that felt like a blessing.

I'm working in my home office, but I can see the lake from the window, and our backyard is floweirng - dogwood bushes, purple lilacs, and pink irises are taking the place of the fading tulips. Soon more colours will join them in our perennial garden.

Perennial is such a nice word - comforting in this time of upheaval. It means: lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.

That's something I can hold on to, in times of change. Cycles, seasons, flowers returning, coming back year after year. Birds returning to their nests, raising another flock of little ones. Swallows have returned this year for the first time in a long while - again, a new birdhouse beside the other one.

My faith in the world, is renewed by the cyclical nature of greening grass, new leaves on trees. Of course, there are things dying or not returning - we have an epidemic of emerald ash borer beetles destoring our ash trees in my neighbourhood. That makes me sad.

But what I am holding onto this morning, this green cloudy end of May, just before the full moon and an eclipse, is the return of green, the return of perennials, the infinite kindness that nature displays in the abundance of colour and scents that bring pleasure.

Tis the season to be grateful, summer is very close, on its way.

Here in Montreal, the restaurants will be able to open their outdoor terrasses by the end of the week. That's another seasonal return I am looking forward to!

Gratitude, pour les saisons, pour les cycliques de la lune, de la floraison. Merci la vie!

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