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March Newsletter

Spring Equinox is March 20 and the birds are singing; in spite of the snow, winter draws to a close in a month or so. Here’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods with classes and SoulCollage® activities.

"So we are a part of the transforming evolution of the planet and we must keep helping each other. One way is to cultivate your own close "tribe" of SoulCollagers, people you meet with on a regular basis. Our worldwide community is wonderful, and online classes are great too. However, sitting in person in intimate circles with others, sharing cards and dreams and losses and stuck places... that is essential to a true partnership. We need to listen to each other, to empathize with each other, to cry together and laugh together. And perhaps most of all, we can help each other discover that unique gift inside each one of us, and give support as it is offered to the world." Seena Frost

The wonderful gift of doing SoulCollage® in person is described so well by our founder Seena Frost. This is exactly how I feel about our newly begun monthly Open Studio at Cozy Creek in St. Lazare. As much as I appreciate being able to take classes online and meet SoulCollagers from around the world at World of SoulCollage®, to have a regular group that gets together, to have free time to make cards, and then share the deep inner wisdom that comes from voicing the cards, is heaven to me.

This month, Sunday March 19, I’d like to add a layer to our card making (just one day before Spring Equinox). One of the most nourishing things we do with SoulCollage® is to consult them in a 3-4 card reading. For those of you who have done the basic Intro to SoulCollage®, made some cards and learned a bit about the suits, this is a beautiful deep dive into becoming your own oracle. Be prepared for Surprise & Synchronicity! Register here: (two more dates, Sunday, April 16 and Sunday May 21). This event is bilingual. Cette évènement est bilingue.

This invitation is for those who register for Open Studio on Sundays. You are welcome to stay one hour later until 5 pm, and we will do a reading in small groups of three, at no extra charge.

Our next full-day Introduction to SoulCollage® with Shelley Hall and myself at Cozy Creek Studio, is Sunday April 2nd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with lunch break (bring your own lunch). Cost $90 covers all materials, cards, envelopes, glue and scissors. Bring your journal and a pen 😊 This course fulfills the prerequisite for the facilitator training.

English Facilitator Training in August 2023, Arnprior Ontario

If you already love doing SoulCollage® and want to learn how to facilitate workshops and share it with others, please join myself and Kellie McComb from August 9-13, at an in-person training in Arnprior, just west of Ottawa. The Galilee Retreat Center is a peaceful spot, nestled in the pines along the Ottawa river, with a labyrinth and walking trails, but also close to the town center.

This is my first in person facilitator training since 2019 and I can hardly wait. The EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT is $100 off, and ends April 30, so check out my website for details and prerequisites and to register. ROOM FOR 10 PEOPLE ONLY, in English.

Hope your winter has been peaceful and creative, and here’s to Spring energy!



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