Dream Seeds and Divine Patience

Some dream projects take a long time to incubate.

Somewhere way back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s, I started going on retreats. Recently I found a poster I made on a 2011 retreat with her in Arnprior Ontario, which just happens to be the small town in which I was born.

I was drawing my life projects and using an image of a tree with a big heart behind it – all the book projects and classes I was teaching were the fruits hanging down. I added Inner Peace Center near the tree trunk. The next year, I trained as a SoulCollage® Facilitator and my projects started to have a clearer focus, as I transitioned from writing poetry to teaching journaling and SoulCollage® classes.

I mused on this with fellow teachers, wondering how we could jointly rent or buy a property to hold our classes and retreats in – the idea kept coming back, like an obsession, though in different shapes. I did vision boards and posters to imagine concretely what that would look like. I held small retreats with 6-8 women at our cottage, or in my backyard; I also spent lots of time researching Retreat Centers and going on retreats myself.

Every year in January, I look back over the preceding year, and ahead to the coming year. Planting dream seeds, making drawings and collages.

Flash forward to fall 2019, we finally found our perfect spot only a half-hour away from us; 8 acres of woods with a creek and a horse barn, which we wanted to transform into a multipurpose Sanctuary space for retreats; and for my husband to jam in. We took possession in March 2020, just as the world was hit with a global pandemic, shutting down construction projects everywhere.

That’s where the patience comes in.