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Deep dive into your SoulCollage® cards

SoulCollage® is both a creative celebration of the complexities of Soul and,

at the same time underneath this complexity, is the honoring of our Spirit’s

unity with Source. It’s a process emphasizing Both/And; Spirit and Soul; One and the Many. To honor the forever evolving, amazing dance of our Souls, we create many collaged cards using found images to depict our unique parts. We give names to these parts, dialogue with them, and embrace them, even the ones that are shadowed and acting out. Giving a card its own name and allowing it time to say what’s wrong and what is needed often helps these inner parts heal. The inner part is able to find new ways to express its special energy so it has a positive place." from In Seena's Words, Seena Frost, founder of SoulCollage®.

June 11: an afternoon of exploration for experienced SoulCollagers and Beginners:

Do you have cards that resist naming or classifying in a suit? Do you have questions about what an archetype is and which cards belong in the Council suit? Lead Trainer Mariabruna has said that putting our cards in suits helps us integrate all our parts, and provides structure for the psyche.

In this three-hour class we will discover how to tell which suit a card belongs to (committee or council especially). This will help you find out if it is part of your personal story or the Larger story, i.e. the collective universal archetypes.

What to Bring: your journal and your cards. If we have time, we will make some cards too.

When: Sunday, June 11, 1 – 4 pm, Cozy Creek, St Lazare

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