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Our Sacred Grief: Lynne Cooper & Minnie Richardson

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Lynne Cooper, spoken word artist, clown, actor, & artistic director of Le Trunk Collectif theatre company, strives to use art as a tool for community development and to tickle people into social change. Since the pandemic, she has been working on the creation of “The Museum of Grief”, a multimedia installation and performance piece that celebrates loss in a creative and safe container. Ritualist, coach and spoken word artist

Minnie Richardson has long walked her own personal path of grief. Experienced in accompanying people through life’s innumerable transitions, she understands on a deep level the importance and power of using sacred ritual to honour and mark death, loss and grief, be it personal or collective.

Jennifer Boire, poet & author of The Tao of Turning Fifty, facilitates workshops and retreats for women to help them cultivate faith in their inner resources through journaling & SoulCollage®.

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