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“If it is in a woman's nature to nurture then she must nourish herself.”

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

The split between the logical side and the intuitive one is sometimes painful, the harsh inner critic so loud. Yet, she feels herself melting, she sings, she opens, she forgets her separateness, her defenses disappear or melt into the constant rain, the green green moss enchants and delivers her over to the silent space just between head and heart, the observer self, the open-handed receiver, the Feminine, the wonder it is all here, only a breath away - Jennifer Boire


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Inner Wisdom Guide

Inner Wisdom Guide

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Poet and author of The Tao of Turning Fifty, What Every Women in Her Forties Needs to Know, Jennifer Boire, MA English has been leading Creative Journaling classes and retreats for women in the West Island for almost twenty years.

She has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2012. She blogs on mid-life and women’s topics at Jennifer Boire – Inner Wisdom Guide

My Approach

Online and In-person SoulCollage® Courses

Find your unique voice, and embrace your many inner parts! SoulCollage® honours our individual voices in community. 

Wellness Retreats

Seasonal retreats near the equinox and solstice, to honour our body’s cycles and tune in to the planetary energies, while writing, drumming, or dancing and exploring fun, creative process.

SoulCollage® Facilitator Training

L’information sur  les formations de facilitateurs.trices  en français : 


"Thank you for the nurturing sanctuary of your SoulCollage workshops.  Your warmth, caring, and intuitive questions encourage exploration, reflection and deep sharing. You intuitively sense the needs of each individual and steward the process in a way that elevates the experience for all of us."

"Just to say that yesterday's SoulCollage® was way beyond my expectations. I can see why it can become addictive, it was very relaxing and uplifting at the same time.  I love looking at the cards I made, they have so much meaning. I also started to read your book, your words speak load and clear that I truly resonate with at this point in my life."

"I enjoyed reading your book, "The Tao of Turning Fifty." Seems I can't read enough books on this subject being that I am currently 52 1/2.  I so appreciate books like yours, that focus on the embracing and positive side of things being in middle-age."

L. R.

Catina G.

Barbara T.

"Hi Jennifer, thank you for the class on the Good Girl Archetype. It really spoke to me. I have used some of the prompts myself, but also with the clients I have in my private practice as a clinical social worker. I am also a SoulCollage®* facilitator and use journaling, art journaling, and mindfulness with my clients. Your class led me down a path that helps myself as well as my clients. So again, thank you."



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