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Incubating What Wants to Be Born, Class Offering

What is Incubation? the process in which a bird keeps its eggs warm until the young come out; the process in which an egg develops until the stage at which the young come out. Cambridge Dictionary.

The images of transformation are plentiful in nature: from the lowly caterpillar to the liberation of a brilliant butterfly, from tiny seeds in dark soil to the growth of majestic trees, from the nesting & incubation of eggs to the emergence of lively yellow chicks – we look to nature to help us understand why the long periods of waiting in darkness can help us open towards the light.

For human birth, the toughest time is often right before birth, in transition. Sometimes women get confused. They want to give up, they think it should be over. They lose faith this baby is ever going to come out!

In the creative process, there is also incubation, transition and birth – but when we are still incubating an idea or project, and not quite ready to birth it, our mind can fill us with self-doubt. That’s when we need all our patience because it’s not time to rush around, and it’s not time to give up. It’s time to dig inwards, practice listening and trust that the unknown will reveal itself. And this is the hardest thing! It often involves a seemingly dormant period when we are not quite aware of what is “cooking” underneath. Then one day the fog clears, a clear image arises of what needs to be born.

As an author and workshop facilitator, I have been there many times, in different projects. I’ve lost faith along the way. Something invisible is developing under cover of darkness, but it takes patience and courage to allow the creative force to nudge us gently into following its prompts, its lead.

The learning for myself has been about how to allow non-productive time in which to nurture what will burst forth slowly or maybe all at once, in its own timing, when it is ready. We need the courage to create protective boundaries and block off enough quiet time, and value the creative solitude we need.

Here are some wise words from Toko-Pa:

Put not your offering into the world too soon. Let it ripen in the guardianship of your trepidation. Let this fallow time be stretched For it is in this unreadiness that beauty takes its form. In preparing a class around this theme, I have been inspired by my own creative process in authoring several books, which evolved slowly over more time than I would have imagined. This class developed out of my own period of inward reflection and foggy unknowing since March last year. My dog had died, my 89-year-old mother passed in April, and I spent a lot of time resting and gathering strength. Slowly over months, my self-nurturing paid off and creative energy returned along with the plan for this class.

I know there are lots of creative people in various fields who could use some support for their own incubation period. Perhaps someone to give you permission for creative loafing time in which to explore the benefits of stillness and surrender. Someone who confirms that rushing forward when you are not ready is counterproductive. In my menopausal years I learned we need to go down and in before we can go Up and Out.

This class will provide some practice journaling with your newly created (or already made) SoulCollage® cards in a nurturing space. We will ask ourselves the empowering questions: What is trying to emerge in my life? What is my gift to share? We will call on our guides and challengers and invite the universe to answer our questions; we will stay open to intuitive hunches, surprising imagery and our imagination: the language of soul and heart. What we cultivate with SoulCollage® is the willingness to listen, to be available. I will provide a quick introduction to this creative process and send you a list of materials needed. No art experience necessary. This is easy peasy: Cut and Paste, Glue, Scissors and magazine images.

Contact me at to sign up. Take advantage of the Early Bird Special before Feb. 15, for a 25% discount. Four-week class on Wednesdays 4-6 pm EST, begins March 17 – April 7, 2021. I have been leading journaling classes for over twenty years, and facilitating SoulCollage® workshops since 2012. I am also a Facilitator Trainer in Montreal, Quebec. Je travaille en français aussi alors si vous avez des questions, écrivez-moi!

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