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SoulCollage® Facilitator Training August 2023

Meet the Trainers

For the IN PERSON English facilitator training :   Please click HERE to have all the details (including rates, lodging, cancellation policy, covid measures and more)

Facilitated by:

Jennifer Boire Bio and Trainer Profile

Trained as a facilitator by Audrey Chowdhury in 2012, I became a Trainer in 2018.

I am helping to build a stronger SoulCollage® community in Quebec with our

regional group. I offer seasonal workshops/retreats for women, online and in

person, as well as facilitator trainings. My passion is working with images,

symbols, myths, poems and the sacred feminine. As a SoulCollage® facilitator

and trainer, I feel honoured to offer guidance and sacred space for creative

diving and inner exploration. With this tool, you can become your own oracle.

Training others as facilitators adds another level to the work I do.

Kellie McComb, Bio and Trainer Profile

I took several University Courses in Art Therapy but my profession is as a minister in the United Church of Canada. I was delighted to learn about the creative, intuitive, self-reflection that SoulCollage® has to offer. After working with SoulCollage® for several years, in 2016 I took the Facilitator Training. What a gift to be able to share this insightful, nurturing process with friends, members of my congregation, community groups, Colleagues, Artists, Therapists, Counselors, Spiritual Directors, Nurses and a variety of people who want to be part of this wonderful global community. In 2018 I became a SoulCollage® Trainer and my passion for sharing this process continues to grow. I love the many ways SoulCollage® can give me insight into my own challenges and gifts and I am inspired by the endless ways it can be used. 

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Montreal, Quebec


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Tel: 514-386-5197

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