About the book

"I could relate to so much of what you said in your book and blog, and felt a sense of relief that someone out there understands! Especially the part of no longer sure what direction to go in. My life has always been so mapped out in my mind and now not so much, so it really helped me to know that this is a normal part of menopause."

- M. Lewis

"I received your lovely book, and just have to wonder—have you been reading my mind? You have created a real treasure, and your words are almost identical to my own writing and teaching. We are definitely soul sisters!"

- S. Tolles, Flourish Over 50

"I’m reading your book... a little bit at a time and it is a comfort, making me understand that I'm not the only one to pass through those rock'n roll moments. Thanks for making that ¨didn't need that period more easy..."

- H. Roy

"C'est comme s’ il me donnait la permission d'être moi-même, d'arrêter la performance à tout prix. Par intuition ou par survie, j'ai pris cette avenue il y a quelques mois … Alors ton livre est arrivé au moment opportun dans ma vie. Il me calme face à l'inconnu, face au questionnement, face à "l'image" que la société nous force à prendre."

- C. Roy

About retreats and classes

"Thanks Jennifer for creating the moment, the time, the reflection, the invitation and the surroundings for introspection."

- S.P.

"Thanks Jen for creating the space for us to hear our heart's longing."

- Suzy

"It fed my need to play and use my imagination, to be creative. I really enjoy being in the company of other women and sharing our feelings in an honest and real way."

- Debra, Yoga Instructor

"What a lovely little mini escape in a perfect setting, thank you Jennifer"

- A.

"I enjoyed spending time with some wonderful women laughing, dancing, eating, walking in the country, making snow-angles and talking freely and writing freely pouring my heart out on paper."

- S.V.

About Musemother relaxation CD

"The combination of Jennifer's soothing voice and Alain's haunting music was absolutely hypnotic. I … only stirred when the tranquilizing sounds in my earphones stopped..."

- M.H.