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The Tao of Turning Fifty, coming on in February (wish I had a date, but as soon as I approve the last proof, it takes one more week to go live....I'm hoping for next week, and I'll let you know.)

BOOK LAUNCH: Tuesday, February 21, at Enoteca Mozza, 3800 boul. St-Jean, Pointe-Claire, Welcome! wine and snacks

Thank you to the beautiful women who came on a Winter Retreat with me last weekend. I plan to do more of those! Let me know if you are interested in a weekend retreat in St-Sauveur, or a one-day mini-retreat in the West Island.

February 2012

The Power is In You

"The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your
searches: you are the goal. You are the answer. It's never outside"
-- Eckhart Tolle

In my creative journal writing classes I’ve discovered the beauty of Visual Journaling and Visualization.  Some of the most powerful tools use the imagination. With your imagination you can be in Cozumel, Mexico right now – out of the freezing rain and snow, onto the dazzling sandy beaches. 

Creative Visualisation uses all the senses so you can bring to mind in detail exactly what you want to create in your life.  Did you know that expert sports athlete’s do this exercise all the time? An Olympic diver will first play over her dive in her mind’s eye, so she can see every move, anticipate each step of the way, then perform it exactly as planned.

Before you can manifest your ideal life, you need to visualize it. Here are some easy steps to follow. First imagine yourself in your ideal environment – where will you live? What kind of dwelling? Can you picture yourself in a favourite chair, looking out the window of your new condo? What do you see? Picture it with sounds, smells, sights, touch and taste.

Picture yourself in your ideal job: you are using your god-given talents to reach the world as a ....fill in the blanks. You are rediscovering your strengths in which areas? Who is your ideal client or audience? What can you sell them, teach them, or do for them? How do you feel as people thank you for your services? (When I did this exercise with a coach, she had me imagine my life continuing on from where I was then:  unhappy, mildly depressed, fearful of taking next steps...and it was not a pretty picture. But when I imagined people coming out of one of my retreats with big smiles on their faces, deeply thankful, my whole body lit up!)

Picture yourself in optimal health: You are eating healthy food, making healthy choices, and inside and out you radiate wellness. Feel it. See yourself doing your favourite activity – sailing, biking, yoga, walking.  Yes! That feels good.

Now picture yourself in the ideal relationship. Loving words, mutual respect, what is it you want to attract to your side: a soul mate, a companion, a best friend? Better dialogue with your children? Picture it now. In my ideal relationship, I share my feelings, I am listened to and I feel heard. I speak my truth. How does that feel?

Allow yourself to fill out this imaginary ideal life. And then, write it down, in the present tense, like it’s already happening, using the verbs I am, I have, I feel. If you want to play with this, make a collage, or go to Oprah Winfrey’s website and make a story board for Your Next Chapter:  I made one yesterday called Teaching the Women of the World to Take Care of Themselves in Mid-life.

Be aware that if you practise this, your imagination may help bring your dreams into reality. It’s way more fun than sitting around waiting for a magic wand. I visualized my life, and now I’m completing my action steps to make it come true.

Watch for The Tao of Turning Fifty – it’s my latest creative dream (coming sometime in February, as soon as Amazon gets the link up on their site).


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