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May 2012

Being Present in your body and feeling what you feel

We are all made of energy. We have an energy field around us, and within us: our cells are bright with energy.

What we think and say and feel affects our energy field and affects those around us.

In relationships with our loved ones, friends and family, these energy links are invisible yet felt.

Something I am noticing a lot lately is my affect on other people. I notice how I can make them nervous, tense and angry, or how I can soothe and smooth the energy between us. I want to learn how to heal my relationships – and it appears that it will only come when I heal myself first, by paying attention to how grounded, full, and at peace I feel. When I feel separate, empty, abused, and disabused, I cannot share the good energy of feeling connected, grounded, and in love with life.

It all begins with learning how to listen to the body’s wisdom. I’m just beginning a book Full Body Presence, by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, which goes into great detail on how to do this. I’m not an expert, so I can’t resume the book for you, but it rings very true so far.

It’s easy to forget that we are electrical beings charged with energy, negative and positive. We perhaps never learned how to ground our poles, how to center that scattered nervous live-wire energy, nor how to boost the draining, tired, fatigue. Common sense tells us to rest when we are tired, but often due to deadlines, we push the envelope, we carry on into the night, we burn the candle at both ends. We end up frazzled, frantic and scattered. Our bodies begin to ache and hurt and we don’t listen.

No one else can bring us the awareness we need, but we can find reminders.  It is always a choice. Why not choose peace instead of stress? Choose to step down off the merry go round and find your own grounding place. Choose a moment to breathe into your body in, when things are spinning out of control. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, instead of locking it up inside. Write in your journal, draw in a sketch pad, dance it out of your body.

I have been a little stressed the past month, organizing a golf tournament for a wonderful humanitarian cause. I notice that when I take on too many tasks in one day, or worry too much about the outcome of my efforts, I lose touch with my feeling of wholeness and plenitude. I’m very lucky to have a calm household right now, and a method of going inside to center myself in inner peace every morning. But I also need to use these body grounding techniques, this practice of breathing and centering and filling up from inside the well.

I am learning how to trust the nurturing life energy that exists within me. I am learning how to let go of fear and worry.  I am learning to recognize the patterns of negative thinking and belittlement of self that carry on in my head (inner critic, loud and clear), and replace it with affirmations and the voice of an encouraging inner coach.  So, this little newsletter is just a reminder, for me, and you, that life is benevolent. It wants to give us our heart’s desires. We don’t have to wrestle what we want from a resistant life.


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