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March 2012

New Ideas and Your Feedback

New Ideas for Celebrating Menopause or Turning 50: I've been musing for a while on how best to help women celebrate entering their fifties, and came up with this. Ms Menopause can be called on to help you organize a party for yourself, for your best girlfriends or sisters. I can offer gift bags of specially chosen candles with inspiring quotes, a copy of my book, and coupons for discounts on my Creative Journaling Classes or Retreats for a pre-arranged price. I also have fun ideas for how to celebrate with some simple rituals. If you've never thought of celebrating your menopause or Turning Fifty, it's a fun way to turn this into a positive and life-transforming moment. 

Feedback: As you know, I have self-published The Tao of Turning Fifty and am always brainstorming new ways of getting the message of self-care for women in mid-life out there.

What would be really helpful is two things: your comments or feedback once you've read the book. You can post these on the Musemother Blog as a comment, on the Facebook page for Musemother, or just send me an email by replying to this one.

Lastly, if you have read the book, please consider writing a customer review on the page - this helps new readers understand how helpful this book is to women at mid-life. Three people have told me so far that they felt less alone while reading The Tao of Turning Fifty, and this is really my aim in writing this book. One of my class participants also said she appreciated the honesty and self-disclosure in the book. I have tried to be very open about addressing difficult issues like depression, sexuality, and my own mid-life journey through emotional turbulence. I hope you will share with others if this book helps you understand your own journey better.

Thanks again, and please know I enjoy reading your comments!


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